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Why do we partner with Gorgias?

DIDO Agency is a proud partner of Gorgias, a customer service platform that centralizes your company’s support in one place. We’re able to speed up the customer support process, taking minutes — not hours or days — to answer questions and help our community. By compiling support tickets, centralizing complete customer data, and automating tasks with Gorgias, DIDO can help more, and help faster.

Answer customer questions in minutes, not days

Turn your customer support into a profit center

Gorgias allows us to say goodbye to a typical customer support center, and hello to a profit-generating center, too. What starts with a question can turn into a sale, allowing customer support to be sent and received anywhere in the world. Gorgias helps us increase ad revenue and effectiveness (equivalent to 5% ad spend!) by responding to customers on social media ads and posts. Tracking sales outside of our website elevates oour brand from all angles. 

Increase conversion rates by turning visitors into shoppers

Give your visitors a personalized shopping experience — no matter where in the world they are.

Engage with customers before they hit your website

Respond to customers asking about your products on your ads and posts, increasing your sales and ad effectiveness by the equivalent of a 5% increase in ad-spend.

Unlock sales from support via live chat, text, and social media

Your customers won’t always be on your website. Track all sales generated by support agents over text messages, social media answers, and live chat conversations on your website.

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The first helpdesk to connect to Klaviyo SMS

As you might know, DIDO is a Klaviyo-certified organization, leveraging the wide range of Klaviyo capabilities throughout our entire business. Now, we can combine the powers of Klaviyo SMS with Gorgias, enaling seamless conversations between the entire DIDO team. Gorgias allows automatic ticket creation from Klaviyo SMS campaigns, offering timely responses to your customers every time.

Support your shoppers and create conversations that convert

Spend less time going back and forth to answer questions

Automatically create tickets in Gorgias from Klaviyo SMS campaigns, giving your agents the ability the reply to conversations across all channels in a single place with Shopify data.

Increase customer satisfaction & drive revenue

By ensuring every question to your SMS campaigns gets a timely response, you’ll create happy customers and more opportunities for them to purchase.

How does it work?

So, how does Gorgias work to centralize our customer support? There are 5 main areas that Gorgias helps us succeed:


Allow your team to answer emails through a shared workspace. Never miss an email again!


Media: Leave no comment, like, or DM unanswered with Gorgias’ central helpdesk.

Live Chat

Provide real time support for customers from anywhere in the world.

Voice Support

Go old-school with a phone call through Gorgias’ platform.


Treat customers like friends with two-way SMS exchanges for support.



Montezuma’s reduces resolution time by 15% and saves 5 hours per week by using the Gorgias & Magento integration

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How Shinesty scaled their business and increased their customer satisfaction by moving to Gorgias
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How much money will Gorgias save me?


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