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Why do we partner with Shipstation?

Introducing DIDO and ShipStation’s partnership, providing you with the smoothest (and most affordable) shipping experience for your business. With up to 88% off top carriers including UPS and DHL, you’ll have access to the best providers at the lowest rates.

Offering branded packaging, automated shipping and batch shipping, and unique rates for different shipping sizes and destinations, ShipStation helps you ship smarter.

The best way to ship

Ship with confidence knowing you’re getting savings of up to 84% off from top carriers like UPS, USPS, and DHL Express. Over 130,000 merchants save more money, print faster, and spend less time shipping with ShipStation.

Find the lowest shipping rate

ShipStation gives you access to the world’s top carriers. Find the lowest shipping rate for parcels packages of different sizes and destinations and save

Brand your shipping

Shipping is an extension of your brand and an order isn’t finished once it’s shipped. We help provide an outstanding customer experience that lasts well beyond final delivery.

Automation and batching

Cut hours out of your day’s work by automating your shipping and order fulfillment workflow. ShipStation gets to work the moment you import orders.


Order Sources
Wherever you sell products, manage orders, or plan your company resources, ShipStation can integrate.
Whether you have existing carrier accounts and fulfillment partners or want to find new ones, ShipStation has you covered.

Keep track of everything

ShipStation helps you keep track of all your orders and shipments. Use ShipStation to manage your fulfillment and logistics and stay on top of every shipment.

How does it work?

DIDO and ShipStation’s process is simple. It’s that easy (plus, we’ll do all the work for you)! Here’s how it works:

Import orders

Import orders from 100+ selling channels, marketplaces, ERPs, CRMs, or IMSs with shipping configurations automatically applied.


Manage shipping

Use our scan-based workflows, bulk updates, and automation processes to quickly fulfill your day’s shipments.


Print discounted postage

Access shipping discounts of up to 84% and compare rates from top carriers and print labels individually or in batches of up to 500 labels.


Instantly update tracking

ShipStation instantly updates tracking information to the selling channel and the customer once an order ships.


Select your platform

70+ other integrations