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Why do we partner with Recharge?

Recharge Payments is a subscription commerce platform, encouraging relationship building through repeat transactions. DIDO chooses to partner with Recharge Payments over other similar platforms for a few reasons:
  • Recharge is fast, efficient, and can be set up in minutes;
  • Recharge extends customer engagement with SMS and online management ;
  • Recharge allows skipped or delayed delivery, giving customers back their autonomy;
  • Recharge offers APIs to optimize your performance.
Quickly enable offers Set up in minutes, then connect to your existing tech and the most popular payment processors
Increase lifetime value Create a better subscription experience while increasing your revenue and growing your LTV
Reduce customer churn Create brand loyalty by meeting your customers where they are
Optimize your business Gain actionable insights that help you meet your customers’ needs.

How does it work?


Working with Recharge Payments is easy, especially when taking advantage of their product bundles. By curating products in a bundled, or allowing your customers to build a product bundle themselves, you’ll increase your Average Order Value while saving your customers time and effort when shopping. All this can be done from Recharge’s unique Bundle widget, which we love!

Add value with curation

Combine multiple SKUs into one product, saving customers time and effort through the value of your curation expertise.

Broadest range of customization

Launch a bundling solution that’s best suited for your business and your customers, selling bundles as one-time purchases or subscriptions, with or without a discount.

No integration needed

Bundles is built right into the Recharge platform, so you can utilize market-leading software without the hassle.

You set the rules

You choose which products, and how many, customers can add to their bundles — giving them total freedom or narrowing down the order to specific products.

01 You set the rules

They select their box

Once deployed, customers buy bundles and choose their contents using our customizable Bundles widget.

02 They select their box

Update at any time

After checkout, a new section in the customer portal allows customers to update the contents of their bundle when the time is right.

03 Update at any time


DIDO is a huge advocate of SMS marketing, which is why we love RechargeSMS, too. RechargeSMS is a transactional tool allowing your customers to order or re-order products, skip deliveries, or swap products in their order, all with one simple text.

Increase customer lifetime value by up to 30% with transactional SMS

RechargeSMS is a transactional SMS tool that allows your subscribers to manage their orders with a quick text — no logging in required.

Additional benefits of RechargeSMS

In-depth insights through detailed analytics

Our comprehensive analytics dashboard allows you to track customer behavior and SMS engagement over time. You can also monitor how many customer service requests were handled via text automation.

Text simulator & proposed text features

Get your messaging just right before you hit send with the RechargeSMS text simulator, which allows you to preview your message flow and triggers. You can also kickstart your messaging with our proposed texts — or craft your own copy to imbue each message with your unique brand voice.

Intelligent customer win-backs

Leverage the high engagement rates of transactional SMS to strategically win back lost customers with customized messaging, reducing both voluntary and involuntary churn for your business.

Customer portal

Success stories


“With different platforms that we had experience with, they tried to do too many things at once and gradually moved away from the subscriptions aspect of their offering. Recharge is able to deliver on new features and products, but still maintains a high level of support for their subscription offering.”


– Max Hennon, Chief Operating Officer

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“The way that I would measure success in this migration is no downtime and no technical debt to work on after we migrated. […] Products get shipped out on time correctly, with the right amounts. This was a huge stress relief off of our shoulders and we were able to focus on building new features that actually deliver customer value with Recharge.”


– Alexander Sokolov, Software Engineering Manager

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“Just the increase in retention revenue level overall helps us acquire customers at a higher CAC now because we have that predictable retention revenue, so we can balance out time periods where acquisition is more challenging.”


– Ari Ziskin, Director of Ecommerce

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“Recharge’s subscription capabilities allow our community to support each other and make an impact through monthly recurring donations to nonprofit organizations like our longtime partner, I Support The Girls.”


– Anna Stearns, Director, Digital Product

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“Recharge is a really straightforward tool with great analytics. I can pull data super easily and surface the most important insights.”


– Lynne Rowan, Sr. Ecommerce Manager

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“We’re on a big growth trajectory and that is one of the main reasons why I picked Recharge. We outgrew MiniBC a long time ago and needed a platform that we could grow into really well.”


– Shannon Gallagher, Co-Founder & GM

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