Roman and his team are professional, efficient, and very creative.  We were using Mailchimp for 8 years and switched to Klaviyo, and started working with Roman over 2 years ago.
By reconfiguring our campaigns and flows, Roman was able to increase our email revenue by over 115%, which has translated to a net increase of 5% = saving our business.  Open rates went from 18% to 40% on most campaigns and we were recognized by Klaviyo for our open rates.
We all know acquiring new customers continues to increase, so you have retained your existing customer list and provide perceived value, or your emails or get deleted and eventually, emails end up in junk/spam. Roman monitors all analytics to make sure our email list is performing at optimal levels.
We highly recommend Dido Agency if you want to retain your customers.

Jimmy Nguyen

DIDO agency has excellent knowledge of e-campaigns and e-mail flows. It was easy and clear to work with them. They have helped us achieve sales that we have not achieved before and I would recommend them to anyone looking to break out of a sales rut.

Steven Severson

The DIDO team is an excellent and competent process and automation expert. They created the structure and framework very quickly and were extremely open to modifying it to suit our specific business needs (which everyone should do anyway). I would hire them again!

Martin Cooper

DIDO is quite impressive. Their thoroughness and orientation are greatly appreciated… not to mention their excellent know-how. I will continue to work with them in the near future.

Clif Dunn

I worked with the DIDO agency during the implementation of a digital project. I can recommend the team as professionals with high digital skills, a very proactive approach to project implementation, and clearly focused on the best service for the client. The project was launched on time and achieved all planned KPIs.

Olga Mikitchak

Roman worked as an Email Marketing Specialist at Dinmark LLC and I had a great pleasure to work with him. Roman is a focused, energetic and committed manager who would make a great addition to any requests. Moreover, Roman is a highly motivated business oriented professional who can come up with the best solution at any time. His knowledge, experience, and determination allowed me to recommend Roman to anyone looking for the right person in email digital marketing and also for a person who can give you good support and recommendations.

Maria Shynkarchuk

A very good team, very neat, responsive. And I highly recommend Dido! Will hire again.

Nicolas van Heule

It was a great experience working with the Dido agency. These definite email marketers know what they are doing and easily understand your specific needs and requirements. The quality of work was at a high level, problems were solved immediately. All my questions were answered almost instantly. Overall, I am very satisfied with the outcome of my project and will definitely hire the agency in the future.

Pavlo Novychenko

Once again I had a great experience with the Dido team. They are talented, very cooperative, and patient. Everything was done to my satisfaction. The agency did not disappoint me and they are very efficient. The project turned out great and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for an experienced programmer.
I would not hesitate to recommend Dido to other customers!

Cooperation with the agency was a great experience. We had a deadline and they exceeded our expectations. They even fixed a few issues that we didn’t fix in the allotted time. Thank you for your honest work. The level of professionalism and attention to detail was highly appreciated.

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