Sourcing The Right B2B For Your Lead Generation Campaign

DIDO’s approach to cold emails is simple. We let the data drive our strategy, doing everything in our power to help you achieve your goals.  


Trying to grow your B2B email database?

Not sure where to start? We’ve crafted the perfect solution for you to find leads, maintain relationships, and keep developing your database.

With DIDO’s B2B database service, we help you find legitimate leads and establish meaningful connections. By leveraging over 300 filters that target data services like LinkedIn, you can build a database that actually helps you and your business.

02_ Sales Department

Sales Department

  • To find new customers
  • To provide leads for sales managers
  • To start selling a new product quickly
  • To import Decision maker’s into CRM
02_ Marketing department

Marketing Department 

  • For outreach marketing
  • To launch advertising campaigns based on a database
  • To find new markets
  • To test non-standard hypotheses about attracting a new audience
  • To form a Look Like audience
02_ Business owner

Business Owner

  • To form a database of partners and clients
  • To assess market share
  • To assess the volume of your potential customers
  • To find ideas for development
  • For faster development than competitors

One of the most important parts of any marketing strategy is data, and a B2B marketing strategy is no different. The success of B2B marketing depends on the data that you’re leveraging to maintain your strategy, which is where a B2B database comes in. A strong, clean, and well-built B2B database provides you with everything you need to put your best foot forward with targeted engagement.

So, what's a B2B database?

A B2B database is a comprehensive collection of all of your business contacts and potential customers. B2B databases often segment your contacts based on who you’re targeting within specific companies or fields and usually include pertinent information including contact phone numbers and email addresses. Your database might also include other identifying information like company size or physical address/geographic area.

Why is an accurate B2B database important?

Despite the widely accepted idea that accurate data is key for marketing and sales endeavors, many business databases are not consistently maintained. 54% of companies say that lack of data quality and completeness is their largest challenge to data-driven marketing. Put simply, the existence of a database is not enough — it needs to be accurate to be helpful.

Think of it this way. If your database isn’t up-to-date, how can you expect your leads to be accurate? How can you expect your contact information to be correct? The answer: you can’t!

Where does DIDO Agency come in?

At DIDO Agency, we know what it takes to craft and maintain a B2B database, and we’re happy to help. We can assist you in developing your own B2B Database, as well as management tips. We also provide cold email services to help you with successful outreach.

How do you set up a B2B database?

So, you’ve hired DIDO Agency to help you develop a B2B database. Firstly, we’re so excited to be working together. Secondly… what now? Here’s how we set up your B2B database in 4 straightforward steps.

Figure out your customer base

Before we can fill your B2B database with potential customers, we need to know what kind of customer you're looking for in the first place. Step 1 includes identifying and analyzing your ideal customer, figuring out how they behave, and what characteristics define them. By identifying what your ideal customer looks like, we can help you fill your database with businesses that fit the profile.

01 Figure out your customer base

Determine your source of leads

Once we determine who you're targeting, we then need to figure out how. There are two main options to fill B2B databases: building and buying. Building a list focuses exclusively on flexing your marketing muscles, leveraging connections and existing contacts in your CRM. Buying a list is a viable option, too, but you need to ensure the list is appropriate, relevant, and ethically/legally acquired.

02 Determine your source of leads

Segment, segment, segment

Step 3 prioritizes a concept we know and love as email marketers: segmentation. By segmenting your ideal customer into different target groups, we can focus marketing efforts and prioritize each group individually with unique strategies and initiatives. Targeted marketing is effective marketing, so segmentation is key.

03 Segment, segment, segment

Organize and maintain

After your lists are segmented, it's time to organize data and maintain it. Step 4 is an ongoing process, and can include things like organized spreadsheets filled with data like titles, names, lead sources, and more. Continually updating your spreadsheet(s) allows you to access (or add) leads quickly and efficiently.

04 Organize and maintain

Best Practices to Manage and Organize Your B2B Data

As we mentioned before, ongoing organization and maintenance are key to a clean, efficient, and easy-to-use B2B database. At DIDO Agency, we intimately understand — and always follow — management best practices for B2B databases, allowing you and your team to focus on what matters most: marketing strategies, relationship building, and (hopefully) conversions. Here’s how we do it:

Group 490

Establish a Standard

How can you keep up a database when you don't know what upkeep looks like? You need to establish rules and regulations by which you always maintain your data. We make sure to collect the same information from every prospect, record it in the same way, and make sure the whole team understands the process.

Group 491

Monitoring Process

As we mentioned, updating and monitoring your database is key to keeping it in tip-top shape. Without ongoing maintenance, the effectiveness of the database you've worked so hard to develop will decay. We'll help you eliminate "dead" leads in the form of inactive email addresses or disconnected phone numbers to keep your lists optimized.

Contact Lead Generation Database

Expand and Grow

The last step in maintenance and management is actually to grow and expand your list. This means keeping up-to-date with staff turnover and changes, as well as collecting new prospects and leads. We've got your back with all upkeep and expansion.

You might be wondering:
Why do I even need an email database?

Email databases can help your business by helping you:

Identify leads

Find new customers

Find ideas for development

Meet and network with Decision Makers

Sell your product or service

Outreach and education

Test hypotheses and questions

B2B Database

All B2B Database Plans include:
Email delivery quality score (3 services), 5 services for searching the information,
50 data columns, over 700M audiences, and over 150 filters for targeting.

Corporate Email

per contact

per contact

per contact

Personal Email

per contact

per contact

per contact

Other Email

per contact

per contact

per contact

Up to 10,000
From 50K

You can use the database for Cold Emailing

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