Email marketing like you’ve never known before

DIDO Agency:
We strategically fuse brands and their consumers through email

Our team elevates the brands we believe in by magnifying their voices and stories through meticulously executed email campaigns that drive connection and engagement.

Armed with the perfect email marketing strategy, you’ll organically grow your relationships with consumers and your revenue will follow. Simply put, email marketing is our weapon of choice.

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Team members in 5+ countries

What we do

How we do it


When we come across issues as every agency does, we talk about them. By being open and honest with our points of view, we can learn from each other and provide the feedback we need to grow.


We cherish each other’s success stories and admit our mistakes. If other team members can benefit from our experience, we share it with them. If a team member has a bad day, we all pick up the slack.


Our goal is to never stop questioning the status quo. When one of our team members offers a new idea or way of approaching a project, we celebrate them and push ourselves to continue evolving.


True flexibility & total freedom

Work remotely, set your own schedule, and travel as much as you like. You decide when to take breaks and you get to plot your days off. We’re a global team and you can be 100% location-independent.

Develop your skills

We never settle for good enough. To help you boost your professional development, we reimburse courses, books, subscriptions, and more. DIDO Agency makes it easy to keep getting better.

Cutting edge technology

We use the best tools available to make your process as smooth and as comfortable as possible. These include Asana, Slack, Loom, Miro, and Klaviyo. If you’re not familiar with a tool we rely on, don’t worry — we’ll make you an expert.

Competitive salary, bonuses & gifts

We offer competitive rates and frequent bonuses. If you’re not happy with what we’re paying you, we’re always eager to discuss and adjust team members’ rates.

Who we are looking for

Account Manager

Work remotely / Full-time or part-time position

The Account Manager Team

Our account managers are email marketing professionals who lead and execute projects, strategies, and campaigns. They’re the project quarterbacks who ensure that our clients are 100% thrilled with everything we deliver.


Their main tasks are to coordinate the communication between clients and DIDO Agency, gather feedback, and plan future projects.

The Copywriter Team

Our copywriters craft unique, high-quality email copy that’s in line with each client’s style, brand image, and tone. They follow the guidelines set by our account managers, who build strategy with our clients.


This team consists of highly-skilled writers who are curious, inventive, and creative. They know how to write clean copy that drives results.


Work remotely / Full-time or part-time position

The Design Team

Our designers create crisp, fresh, modern designs for our client’s email campaigns and flows. They know how to use each client’s visual assets (such as brand books, website design, logos, and more) to match their brand image.


The result? Super effective, visually stunning emails that look great on all devices.


Work remotely / Full-time or part-time position

The Email Marketing Technicians Team

Our technical team knows Klaviyo inside and out. Thanks to their deep knowledge of the software, our technicians create and implement cutting-edge email campaigns that accelerate growth for every client.


Our technicians are detail-oriented stars who understand how tiny adjustments can yield major results.

Email Marketing Technician

Work remotely / Full-time or part-time position