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Project: Gravity Defyer

Subject Line: Pain free, all summer long

Preview Text: Check out our GDEFY sandals⛱🍉

Email Content:

The warmer months are almost upon us! Wherever this spring and summer take you, whether that to be the beach, another country, or just to the front yard, our GDEFY sandals will ensure your feet and knees are also on vacation. 🌊

To kick off the season, we’re giving you $25 off of any of our sandals (with the exception of UPBOV and G-Comfort). This sale is valid through the 11th of April, so head to our website now to start saving!

Here’s to changing seasons,





Project: NU Beauty

Subject Line: Highlighting our Morning Wood supplement ✨

Preview Text: Here’s 15% off to see for yourself

Email Content:

No matter how hard we try, sometimes our energy levels just aren’t where we want them to be… both inside and outside of the bedroom. ⚡

But, with NU Beauty’s Morning Wood powder, you can say goodbye to mid-day crashes, low bedroom performance, and low stamina.

Made with our original SeaMoss blend (Irish sea moss, Spring Water, Malaysian Ginseng, and Maca Root), NU Beauty’s Morning Wood powder packs a punch. After taking your 2 daily teaspoons, you’ll experience:

  • Enhanced sex drive;

  • Increased energy;

  • and improved mood!

Our Morning Wood powder is specially formulated with potent ingredients and absolutely no fillers or additives, contributing to your liver and gallbladder health at the same time! 🌳

So, are you feeling ready to take advantage of our Morning Wood powder?

A NU level of health awaits,

NU Beauty



Project: Beautified You

Subject Line: Happy Love a Tree Day! 💚🌳

Preview Text: Here’s 21% off our most earth-friendly picks ✨

Email Content:

It’s the one day a year dedicated to loving trees! Creating gorgeous landscapes, purifying our air, and, making homes for our furry friends, we’re so grateful for these gorgeous plants.🌳

To celebrate today, we’re focusing on earth-friendly products. After all, a happy Earth means happy trees!🌎

Check out some of our greenest products:

  • One Love Organics Botanical A Facial Cleanser

  • Juice Beauty Cellular Booster Serum

  • Eminence Citrus Exfoliating Wash

  • Eminence Stone Crop Hydrating Mist

Save 21% off One Love Organics and Juice Beauty products with CODE, and buy 3 get one free on Eminence products with CODE!



Project: ThoughtCloud

Subject Line: It’s Reach as High as You Can Day! ⬆️

Preview Text: Some products to help you do just that ✨

Email Content:

Here at ThoughtCloud, we’re passionate about fueling the healthiest version of yourself. We want you to reach your mind and body holistic health goals and are dedicated to providing the products you need to achieve just that. In honor of Reach as High as You Can day, here are some of our favorite CBD elixirs that will help unlock your best self.



Project: Dens Hot Dogs

Subject Line: It’s Reach as High as You Can Day! 🌭

Preview Text: While you’re at it, reach for a new Den’s Product!

Email Content:

This reach as High as You Can Day, take an opportunity to try out a new Den’s favorite! From Chicken Schnitzels, Chicken Wings and New York Strip Steak to our unmatched Grumpy Butcher collection of premium meat cuts, you can’t go wrong. Whatever catches your eyes, your taste buds are sure to concur.

Head to our website to bite into your future Den’s favorite in a few days.

Excited for you,

Team Den’s Hot Dogs



Project: Gravity Defyer

Subject Line: Did someone say FREE shipping? (We did.)

Preview Text: You’ve got 3 days to get free shipping on any order 🥳

Email Content:

We would walk 500 miles (and 500 more) to bring pain relief to your doorstep. Getting you back to living an active lifestyle without discomfort is the name of the GDEFY game.

Thankfully, we’ve got much faster ways to get our shoes on your aching feet. And for the next 3 days, you’ve got free shipping on any order – because your buying experience should be just as pain free as your body.

Use CODE for the next 72 hours to get any order shipped for no extra charge.

Don’t miss out! Head over to the site now to get your next order shipped free.


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