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Why do we partner with Smile?

Loyalty is one of the most important things a brand can have. With DIDO and Smile, you can turn loyalty into rewards with a brand new loyalty program. Smile is the world’s most trusted loyalty app, used by over 125 million shoppers around the globe! Incentivize customers to make (repeat) purchases to gain points, keep your most frequent customers happy with VIP rewards and exclusive deals, and give rewards for customer referrals. It’s never been easier to give back to your customers.

Turn first-time customers into forever customers with the world’s most trusted loyalty app Over 125 million shoppers earn points through Smile.
Give the people what they love.

Create a loyalty program shoppers love


Motivate customers to make repeat purchases, follow on social media, and more!


Keep your best customers engaged with perks and rewards exclusive to VIP tiers.


Encourage customers to refer
their friends and easily earn

How does it work?

Rewards panel

Tailor your customer experience to fit your brand

Rewards panel

Tailor your customer experience to fit your brand

Rewards panel

An intuitive interface is a good one, which is why DIDO loves Smile’s approach to their reward program. Created with customers in mind, Smile’s design is easy to understand and to use. Smile’s rewards interface can be customized to match your branding and increase brand recognition and is available in four languages, too. Nudges — Smile’s on-site reminder system — allow you to encourage your customers to engage at crucial pointsi in the sales funnel.

Admin dashboard

Working with DIDO and Smile puts points in your customer’s hands, but the platform puts power in your hands, too. You can completely customize your loyalty program, from matching your branding to making changes to coupons and rewards, all with the click of a button.

Over 100,000 small businesses reward with Smile

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Evy’s Tree saw 83x their return on investment and significantly increased their repeat purchase rate with their Who’s Hoo rewards program. With a cohesive loyalty brand and an outstanding customer experience, Evy’s Tree is a brand that anyone can learn from, no matter what industry you’re in.

“We constantly receive messages from our customer base thanking us for adding a rewards program.
Smile.io is a win-win for all!”

– Janelle Hyatt, Executive Director & Special Projects, evy’s tree

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Topps understands how passionate their customers are about their sports heroes, and wanted to turn that passion into an outstanding customer experience. With the introduction of the Now Rewards program, Topps has seen incredible results in less than a year with Smile.io.

“The simplicity of Smile.io is what made their loyalty program so successful for Topps.”

– Jeff Heckman, Director, New Product Development & eCom Marketplace, Topps

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