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Why do we partner with Sauce?

DIDO Agency is excited to announce our partnership with Sauce, a key player in enabling eCommerce brands to lean on User-Generated Content (UGC) and drive sales. Using the Instagram Shop feature, UGC, and the Influencer Marketing cloud, DIDO uses Sauce. to give your customers the social proof they love to see. Visual shopping and the power of social influencers, meet email marketing.

The Future of eCommerce Coming Right Up!

Give your followers one-click Impulse Purchasing Power with Visual Shopping, turn your User Generated Content into shoppable social proof and Influencers into a powerful retail channel for your brand.

So, who is DIDO Agency x Sauce geared towards?

The simple answer: everyone! Sauce helps DIDO optimize B2B, B2C, and B-with-C organizations and companies, from beauty and wellness to food and beverage (and everything in between!). We can help you integrate Sauce’s API pugs into sales funnels, and email automations across some of the most popular ESP providers like Klaviyo.

Beauty & Wellness
Travel & Hospitality
Outdoor living
Athleisure & Apparel
Fashion & Accessories
Pet Care
Plant Care
Food & Beverage

By adding a little Sauce to your email marketing strategy, DIDO Agency can help you transform your marketing strategy with the following features:

Visual Shopping

We can integrate high-quality and curated gallery views of your products to entice your email recipients to purchase (or re-purchase).


Let your happy customers do the talking! Share UGC to showcase your most satisfied customers and let their content speak for iteslf.


Sauce's Reputation Index,™ Branded Engagement and predictive influencer analyses lets us integrate only the most influential faces into your marketing strategy.

Influencer Tracking

Sauce offers influencer metric tracking (including post performance and sales), enabling DIDO Agency to continue our metric tracking in all aspects of your brand's marketing.

Visual Shopping

The simple answer: everyone! Sauce helps DIDO optimize B2B, B2C, and B-with-C organizations and companies, from beauty and wellness to food and beverage (and everything in between!). We can help you integrate Sauce’s API pugs into sales funnels, and email automations across some of the most popular ESP providers like Klaviyo.

Make Social a force in your brand’s customer growth
Tag your Instagram
Capture UGC
Optimise Product Pages
Measure your growth

One of the best-kept secrets of the marketing world is User Generated Content, but with DIDO Agency and Sauce’s collaboration, it’s never been easier to show off your happiest consumers. Our partnership with DIDO Agency puts UGC to the forefront of your marketing campaign. Sauce helps automate UGC insights, tag photos with your products, and gather UGC-based insights, then DIDO Agency helps you put it all in a beautifully crafted email topped with a bow. The perfect UGC partnership is here!

How does it work?
Create better UGC content

Sauce automatically tracks @mentions @tags and #hashtags and lets you select UGC content you've been tagged in from your UGC Media library.

Tag it with your products

Create shoppable galleries for your homepage, product pages, Insta Shop page, Lookbooks, UGC galleries and more with simple customisation.

Take action with our insights

With all your data and insights in one place, you can see what’s working best and get recommendations to help you do more of it.

Let customers shop
the look in your store

Inspire trust by showing the authentic side of your brand.


Within the world of social media, it’s no doubt that Influencers run the show. So, instead of running from shifts in the social realm, why not use their traction to your advantage?


By partnering with Sauce, DIDO Agency can help you integrate the power of influencers into your marketing tactics. Sauce’s Influencer+ feature allows us to turn to influencers to help spread the word about your brand and products while DIDO Agency gets the word out using email and SMS marketing.


By accessing Sauce’s database of influencers we can feature the right people for your target audience, helping spread your word to the right people at the right time. Influencers can actually be a strong retail channel for your business, you just have to let them do their thing!

Understand Influencer audiences and how much they are worth to your brand


Uncover each Influencer's real reputation and actionable insights from their social network to inform brand and business strategy.

Turn Influencers into a powerful retail channel for your brand

Deploy an army of Influencers to refer customers to your brand.

Find more Influencers in one place


Search 69 million organic classifications to discover your perfect fit MUA, OOTD Inspo guide.

X-ray your competition

See your competitor strategy's performance, their UGC and the Influencers they collaborate with. Take actionable insights that you can apply to your brand.

Target audiences that want to hear about your brand


Achieve better brand compatibility by placing it in the right context and showcasing it to audiences with an appetite for your products and brand values.

Sit back and watch the results roll in


Track sales and see who brings them in. See who created the most engaged posts and stories and how much money your campaign has earned.

With Influencer+ we'll help you:
Find the right Influencers

You'll be spoilt for choice. Search 68 million AI classified accounts then filter by demographics to find the match.

Shortlist your Influencer selections and activate them in your campaigns

Sauce's Influencer CRM keeps your campaign management all in one place.

Track your Influencer media and ROI all the way to the checkout

Automated Influencer tracking campaigns provide you with a powerful way to capture Influencer content and the value it delivers.

Real Results

From Real Stores.

  Expected Uplift AOV & conversions within 30d

  Average AOV uplift +10% to +50% across verticals

  Store & email conversion uplift +11% comp. to baseline

  Full dashboard reports & media insights

Case Studies

Example: Month on Month Basket uplift in online sales for Jewellery, Beauty & Furniture integrated with Sauce Social Commerce.

Basket uplift achieved through sales conversion optimisation and impulse buying via addressable content providing cross sell / up sell opportunities that drive up customer purchase confidence throughout the sales funnel.

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