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Why do we partner with Aircall?

DIDO is proud to announce a new partnership with Aircall, the phone system for modern business. Aircall helps businesses (like DIDO!) streamline phone systems, integrating into whichever CRM or HelpDesk software you’re already using.

Aircall helps us sync phone call data between our business tools, collaborate and share tasks across teams, and track notes and historical data.
Keeping all of our conversations in one place helps us stay on top of communications about your email marketing campaigns.

DIDO and Aircall work together to organize and leverage every meaningful phone conversation.

More benefits, partnering with Aircall

By partnering with Aircall, DIDO can:

Aircall helps us keep our project calls organized and within reach within a matter of seconds.


Scale with your team and adapt to your business needs


Sync data between your phone and favorite business tools


Work across teams in a single platform


Track agent performance and call data in real-time

2 offices

New York & Paris


Aircall was founded




Users globally


Set up your phone system in 3 minutes or less


Connect your calls with all your favorite tools

Real-time view

Monitor agents and track performance in the moment

Proven quality

Consistent 99.99%+ uptime

Aircall, a solution for...

Director of Sales

  • 200 sales reps
  • Outbounds calls
  • SaaS
  • Worldwide

Director of Customer Service

  • 50 agents
  • Inbound calls
  • eCommerce
  • United States

Why Aircall?

Why choose Aircall?

  • Fastest phone system implementation
  • Intuitive UX & UI
  • Turn your phone system into a productivity tool
  • Simple pricing 50$ user/month

Collaboration features

  • Ring groups
  • Call routing
  • Unlimited concurrent calls
  • Parallel calls
  • Assign and comment on calls
  • Call monitoring
  • Shared call inbox
  • Shared contacts
  • Call whispering

Call center features

  • Business hours
  • Interactive voice response
  • Power dialer
  • International numbers
  • Warm transfer
  • Call queuing
  • Toll-free numbers



Professional business phone

  • Call conferencing
  • Click to dial
  • Forward to phone
  • Skill-based routing

Success stories

“Issue resolution is much more effective by phone than by email. It really allows us to explain the situation, and for the customer, hearing a voice just feels more genuine. Not only is resolution time 50% shorter over the phone, it’s also more likely to deliver a positive outcome for both parties.”

– Shelley Tasker, Operations Manager

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faster issue resolution
over the phone

“Our account manager at Aircall has been fantastic. It’s great to have someone to work with who can help us create new ideas for improving our service. He’s phenomenal, responsive, and always follows up with information and insights that help our business grow.”

– Ruth Lemon, VP of Operations

average call time
with Aircall

“The BAC Team was really pragmatic in providing advice and feedback and steering us in the right direction. These great partners will ask a lot of questions, test your assumptions and try to figure out how you got to that answer.”

– Mark Hogan, CFO, Carpet Court Australia

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smart workflow

“Especially for new hires, I can use call whispering to tell them to take a deep breath and pause. It helps us support our agents and prevent them from being flustered, which helps them learn and makes their job easier.”

– Christina Ebersole, Head of Human Resources


between Richpanel and Aircall
allows to work smarter not harder

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