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Real insights for real results.

Better Understand Your Customer’s Experience with Insight From our Email Marketing Experts

Comprehensive Audit

At DIDO, we leave no stone unturned. Let us apply our expertise and evaluate your email marketing strategy from both a customer and expert point of view. New insights and improvements are one audit away.

Actionable Advice

We won’t bombard you with unreasonable statistics or abstract conclusions. We’ll only give you approachable, attainable, and actionable advice to improve your email marketing performance.


DIDO’s team works hard to make sure there’s no uncertainty about your next steps. We’re happy to hop on a Zoom call after the audit to go over all of our findings, allowing you to put your most confident foot forward.

What Does our Audit Include?

This is a comprehensive audit where we evaluate your overall email marketing strategy and campaigns against key performance indicators (KPIs) including deliverability, open rate, bounced emails, and more. We’ll focus on ways to improve your overall strategy based on multiple KPIs.

This audit focuses entirely on your email deliverability rates, identifying problems or barriers to high deliverability and how to overcome them. We’ll also examine authentication protocols and identify areas to improve deliverability.

We’ll focus on design and development in the Design Audit, leveraging DIDOs highly skilled design team. Evaluating branding, consistency, design elements, and design effectiveness across devices, we’ll create an action plan for improving your email design.
This audit focuses on your existing process for scheduled and automated campaigns. We’ll look for opportunities to increase automation and assess how your existing templates affect successful automation adn delivery.
We’ll evaluate your compliance with email privacy, security, and spam regulations in your country of origin. Following guidelines and regulations, such as GDPR in Europe and CCPA in the United States is integral for marketing success.
This audit examines current and best practices for email code and development, ensuring your campaigns render successfully on all servers and devices. We’ll evaluate whether your campaigns are rendering at an appropriate rate, or if your coding needs to be updated and edited.
We’ll assess your company’s adherence to email accessibility, ensuring that recipients of all abilities can properly view and leverage your emails. This includes considering low vision customers who might use screen readers, contrast standards, and more.