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Why do we partner with TalentPop?

A business can only be successful if it has a high-quality team behind it… but a team is only as strong as each of its members. That’s why stacking your team with highly-skilled, motivated, and driven individuals should be a non-negotiable when it comes to your business.


But, as most business owners know, running an operation requires juggling multiple priorities at once. When business gets busy and your attention is stretched to every corner of your operation, how can you continue to prioritize high-quality staffing (among everything else)?


That’s where DIDO Agency’s newest partner TalentPop comes in.


TalentPop is a customer service management agency that connects eCommerce businesses with top talent from around the world. With their intensive 4-step vetting process, TalentPop screens, tests, reviews, interviews, and onboards new talent, so you can expand your team completely hands-free.


Typically going through over 100 candidates to find your eCommerce business’s perfect match, TalentPop guarantees access to top talent.. and they’ve got a 94% client retention rate to show for it!

DIDO Agency chose to partner with TalentPop for one simple reason: we believe in working with a strong team, and TalentPop can help you get there.

How does it work?

Hire Top Vetted E-Commerce Customer Service Agents

Starting As Low As $8 Per Hour

How does it work

Steps to your success

Skill Review & Testing

TalentPop agents need to score an A- or above on our written, oral, and customer service tests. The tests performed are to examine your agent's ability to answer conversations that are coming in across multiple communication channels.


Brand Personality Fit

We conduct 2 live video interviews with all qualified candidates in order to match each agent to the proper client. Not only are we looking out for the hard skills, but more importantly, we're looking to match each client with someone that will become a fanatic of the brand.


Agent Selection

After reviewing your specific needs as well as our database of over 250 highly-skilled agents that have passed our intensive vetting process, our Recruitment Team will match you with the perfect new team member and send over an Introductory video from the agent explaining how excited they are to work with your brand!


Conduct Internal Training

Your agent will get familiarized with your brand's standard operating procedures. They will also go through our internal training which consists of: Shopify Training, Customer Service Platform Training, & E-Commerce training.Customer Success

Meet & Greet And Live Training

Have the opportunity to meet your new team member, teach them about your brand and begin hands-on live training so they become an expert in your brand. Most agents go through three of our one hour training sessions before going live.

Customer Success

Ongoing Management

Your Customer Success Manager will be get on daily calls with you during initial onboarding, and will also be setting up weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly check-in calls while working together to make sure everything is going flawlessly.

Customer Success

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