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Upgrade your SMS Marketing with DIDO Agency

SMS marketing is a great way to improve traffic to your online store with one simple text. By leveraging SMS marketing, you can build your subscriber list and turn general interest into conversions. One text can mean stronger customer relationships, a more enjoyable buying experience, and a high-quality impression of your brand from beginning to end. Let our team of creative professionals design unique SMS campaigns to accentuate your brand’s unique mission, vision, and values.

Grow your Community

Build your subscriber list by leveraging simple texts with unique designs and high-quality brand image.

Increase Conversions

Convert your subscribers from window shoppers to repeat buyers with triggered campaiigns, automated campaigns, and meaningful segmentation.

Build Relationships

Make your customers feel seen, heard, and appreciated by providing them with an enjoyable brand experience from the welcome message to the final purchase.

Deliver Top-Notch Service

Foster great customer experiences with accessible, reliable, easy-to-use customer support channels.

How We Help you Leverage SMS

step 1
Step 1 Together, we'll determine the purpose of your advertising campaign. Education, conversions, product information; we can do it all.
step 2
Step 2 DIDO Agency will do the heavy lifting with audience segmentation, copywriting, and SMS design for your product or service.
step 3
Step 3 3. We'll run the advertising campaign, monitor responses, analyze the results, and leverage the data. The only thing better than your first campaign will be your second one.

So, How Can a Text Help your Brand's Marketing Strategy?

SMS marketing is an all-in-one tool to help your brand succeed.
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  • Seamless integrations

    Connecting your customers to online tools like Shopify, WooCommerce, Privy, Yotpo, and more;

  • Subscriber growth

    With embedded click-to-text forms, banners, and mailing list sign-ups;

  • Two-way conversations capabilities

    Allowing you to text back and forth with customers in real-time;

  • The choice

    Between toll-free or short code numbers depending on your needs and customer volume;

  • Personalization

    And segmentation options to target the right customers at the right time;

  • Trustworthy compliance

    Letting your customers opt-in, out-out, and personalize their experience.

You Shouldn't Have to Choose Between SMS or Email Marketing

At DIDO, we leverage the wide functionality of Klaviyo, allowing your brand to reap the benefits of both SMS and email marketing. No need to worry about sending the right combination of emails and text messages; we know when to send which messages to get results.


subscriber growth over
3 months

overall program ROI

average CTR on welcome message

YoY subscriber growth

ROI during 2019
holiday season —
a 21% increase YoY

revenue driven via
text messaging during
the week of BFCM

Subscriber growth
(9 months)

Overall program ROI

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Group 225

Why Choose Us

Sending SMS to your contact database is a tool that has quickly gained popularity to increase sales and brand awareness. At DIDO, we’ve got it down to a science, having developed convenient and secure software for sending SMS to clients.


Why Choose Us



Special promotional codes and discounts encourage customers to pay attention to seasonal bestsellers and try new products based on their historical purchases. DIDO creates flows to remind your customer why they love your product, and how their continued loyalty will pay off for themselves and for you.



We design SMS campaigns to highlight your company’s best offers and increase customer engagement and loyalty. With well-crafted design and unique copy, DIDO puts emphasis on the uniqueness of your brand and its core benefits for the consumer.



As part of our SMS marketing strategy, we'll develop design and copy that conveys your preferred tone of voice while reflecting the main benefits and values of your company. Leave the strategic marketing to us!

SMS Marketing

Right Strategy

We use a proven, data-driven strategy to ensure campaign success. Optimizing campaigns, A/B testing, and monthly analytics are all tools we leverage, with historic ROI increases of up to 68%.

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More Purchases

With our strategic campaigns, the goal is simple: more opens, more clicks, more purchases. Our services help to increase your customer base and your revenue.

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20+ Happy Clients

Email marketing is our passion, but don't just take our word for it. Read some of our client reviews here!

DIDO is proud to be integrated with the following platforms:

Sending SMS to your contact database is a tool that has quickly gained popularity to increase sales and brand awareness. At DIDO, we’ve got it down to a science, having developed convenient and secure software for sending SMS to clients.
230+ other integrations

Let us Help you Elevate your SMS Marketing

Get the most out of your eCommerce store with automated messages that work!

The DIDO team is an excellent and competent process and automation expert. They created the structure and framework very quickly and were extremely open to modifying it to suit our specific business needs (which everyone should do anyway). I would hire them again!

Martin Cooper

Place Cards

DIDO agency has excellent knowledge of e-campaigns and e-mail flows and SMS. It was easy and clear to work with them. They have helped us achieve sales that we have not achieved before and I would recommend them to anyone looking to break out of a sales rut.

Steven Severson

OMI Jewelry

Dido Agency helped me create SMS marketing strategies and streams for The software I use (Klaviyo) requires a lot of experience to use and optimize effectively. Without a doubt, the Dido team knows email marketing. I will work with them again.

Jonathan Sheinkop

Ergo Impact

Dido team provides a great SMS service. They communicate clearly and provide excellent detail into the work they will be performing. They met all deadlines and also worked with me to make any adjustments that I needed during the project. I was very satisfied with their thorough work and hope to work with them again in the future!

Matt Burke


It was easy to work with the agency, the Dido team was clear and communicative, and they responded quickly. They implemented a good SMS strategy in my Klaviyo stream and I appreciate their insight.

Monica Abramov

Ossa Frames

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