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Why do we partner with Smile?

Loyalty is one of the most important things a brand can have. With DIDO and Smile, you can turn loyalty into rewards with a brand new loyalty program. Smile is the world’s most trusted loyalty app, used by over 125 million shoppers around the globe! Incentivize customers to make (repeat) purchases to gain points, keep your most frequent customers happy with VIP rewards and exclusive deals, and give rewards for customer referrals. It’s never been easier to give back to your customers.

Create a loyalty program shoppers love

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“Sendlane has all the important features an online store needs to succeed with email and SMS, and it’s so easy to use. On top of that, they aren’t stagnant. Innovation is a really big part of things with them, and I love how they listen to their customers. SMS wasn’t something we thought we needed, but now that we have access to it in the platform, we’re seeing a lot of new opportunities open up that we didn’t have access to before. With all the features we used, we were able to send our holiday campaigns out with ease and generated over $40,000!”

– Marc O’Leary, Owner

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“Sendlane has been a Godsend. It’s so easy to use! It just fits me and my goals really, really well. And my account manager is just amazing! She’s always super supportive and always there to offer help or advice which has been invaluable. Recently, I did one email campaign that made over $3,500. As a small business with a growing audience, every win builds momentum and Sendlane has been a big help there.”


– Amy Wall, CEO

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holiday campaigns
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“After the switch to Sendlane, we started going hard on segmenting our list by interest. Now, we have various segments that are our best performers, with some that have an open-rate between 70% and 80%. We could never have done that with our old provider. The segmenting and personalization with Sendlane are huge.”

– Eric Denman, Creative Director of Skybound Entertainment

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“We needed something with robust eCommerce email features that could grow with us but also easy enough to use that so we weren’t held back. Sendlane offered more flexibility with their Automations than MailChimp, and the customer service was the best by far. It was simple enough to build and send campaigns, but we can do so much more to help us grow. That’s huge.”

– Leila Khoury, Director of Marketing

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“The Shopify integration is no small feat. There is so much data at our fingertips now and the dashboard in Sendlane makes it so easy to dig through and understand things. The automations we’re running have really helped us bump up our open-rates and sales.”

– Dustin Williams, President of Boundary Bend Wellness, USA

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“The most straightforward way I can put it is this: If you’re using Shopify and sending emails about your Shopify products, then using anything other than Sendlane and Shopify Deep-Data Integration to do that is just stupid.
It’s as plain as that.”

– Jonathan Bailor, CEO of SANESolution

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