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Revenue Increase over 6 Months


Shivoham, an e-commerce Mala bead company, was exhausted by the frustrating and time-stucking process of manually generating leads. Here’s how the DIDO AGENCY changed the game.


Like many companies, Shivoham needed to both increase communication with new members of their target audience as well as retain a relationship with past customers. When we started working with Shivoham, they had just started with Klaviyo and weren’t effectively engaging with the subscribers they did have.


We worked with Shivoham to harness the website visitors into email subscribers, then created a strategy aimed at capturing their attention and tapping into their interest in Mala beads. We built a full-package email campaign including ten flows such as Pre-Purchase, Browse Abandonment, Post-Purchase and more to produce more leads and increase conversions at every stage in the consumer journey. Within two months, their revenue from email marketing alone jumped from 1% to 47%!

The Process

The five steps to your brand’s email marketing success:

Here’s our recipe for a personalized, effective email campaign that will
engage and convert your target audience like clockwork!

First, we analyze your brand, website, and positioning, then create a personalized email campaign structure designed for your company’s unique goals and target audience.

After we lay the groundwork, we create a copy to draw the consumer in and establish a relationship that will later lead to a sale.

After the strategy and copy are complete, our graphic designers transform this email into a mini-representation of your brand, complete with all your colors, fonts, and logos.

The last step is making the magic happen! Once we’ve completed the copy and design, we’ll bring the campaign to life in Klaviyo. We’ll create the flows, schedule each email, and map everything out to find its way to the inbox of the right consumer at the right time.

Monthly custom reports with important KPI. 

Advertising result for Shivoham

Only a few months we spent to move Shivoham account from 1 to 47% Revenue.

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*start Klaviyo marketing


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