No Revenue Share. No Setup Costs. Transparent Pricing.

You decide which option you’d like to go with based on
the number of email campaigns you want to send out every month.

DIDO Onboarding
ESP Setup or Migration
Email Copywriting
Email Design
Strategy Creation  & Implementation
List Hygiene
Deliverability Testing
Monthly reporting
Foundational Flows /  Automation
Advanced support
Campaigns Calendar & ImplementationN/A
Opt-In ManagementN/A
Technology Stack  Flows / AutomationN/A
Advanced Custom  Flows / AutomationN/A
Campaigns Included (One campaign = one email)N/A5 Campaigns/month10 Campaigns/month
Extra campaign$ 350 / month$ 300 / month$ 250 / month
DIDO monthly service fee$ 3000 / month$ 4000 / month$ 5000 / month
SMS Package$ 500 / month$ 500 / monthIncluded

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Sign up for an Annual Plan and get the last month for Free

Free one-month trial of SMS Marketing

Cost Savings with DIDO Agency

We can lower your email staffing costs by 71%.
Compare DIDO Agency to building an in-house email marketing team.

Cost ComparisonIn-House TeamDIDO Agency
Email Marketing Manager*$ 7,324 / month$ 4,000 / month
Freelance Email Designer$ 1,500 / monthincluded
Freelance Email Copywriter$ 1,500 / monthincluded
Virtual Assistant$ 500 / monthincluded
25% of FTEs$ 2,706 / monthincluded
Total Annual Cost$162,360$48,000

*Based on a base salary of $87,889 — salary.com, 2023 [Source]

Sign up for an Annual Plan
and get the last month for Free

Free one-month trial of SMS Marketing

Why work with DIDO Agency

Play the long game together

At the core of our philosophy is the belief that email marketing transcends being a mere revenue-generating channel. Rather, it presents an opportunity to foster enduring customer engagement that will yield dividends in the future. We specialize in cultivating trust between you and your customers, while also customizing their interactions with your brand to enhance their overall experience.

No need to chase for the updates

Our philosophy revolves around the notion that email marketing is more than just a means of generating revenue. It provides a platform to establish long-lasting customer engagement that can generate future dividends. Our expertise lies in cultivating trust between your brand and your customers, and tailoring their interactions to enhance their overall experience.

Delegate with confidence

We have invested significant effort into carefully charting, experimenting with, improving, and structuring the various elements essential to an efficient email marketing system. As our client, you can tap into our extensive expertise and abundant wealth of information on this topic without any limitations.

Drive better results faster than you thought possible

Working with large numbers is something we find enjoyable. Observing your results grow as much as you do brings us joy, and we possess the expertise to optimize the process. Our approach involves outlining a strategy, conducting experiments and tests, and executing quickly to provide you with the expected returns and more.