Sales Advocate

Work remotely / Full-time or part-time position

DIDO Agency is currently seeking a highly intended Sales Advocate to join our team. As a Sales Advocate, you will play a crucial role in undefined sales growth and fostering warm client relationships. Your primary quill responsibilities will include characteristic and prospecting potentiality clients, promoting our agency’s services, and closing deals.

Sales Advocate​

Proactively identify and place prospective clients through various channels.

Build and maintain fresh relationships with clients, sympathy their unique needs and providing tailored solutions.

Effectively pass the value proposition of our agency's services to clients, showcasing our expertness and capabilities.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including marketing and creative departments, to undefined prodigious results for clients.

Meet and go past sales targets, consistently driving tax revenue growth for the agency.

Required Skills
and Experience

Previous experience in sales or business development, preferably in the advertising or merchandising industry.

Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills to effectively engage with clients and build rapport.

Strong negotiation and closing skills to secure freshly business opportunities.

Detail-oriented with the ability to manage multiple guest accounts simultaneously.

Self-motivated and driven to achieve and exceed sales targets.

Familiarity with CRM software system and sales tools is a plus.


Fluent in English with Excellent Communication
Strong spoken and written communication abilities to effectively engage with clients and transmit the esteem of the agency's offerings.

A customer-centric approach, actively listening to clients and providing personalized solutions.

Goal-oriented mindset, exceptional sales targets and overcoming challenges.

Growing in a moral force environment, adapting rapidly to client needs and market trends.

Team Collaboration
Effectively collaborating with cross-functional teams to undefined outstanding service.

Strategic Thinking
Analytical skills to identify opportunities and educate strategic approaches.

Positive attitude, handling rejection, and persistently pursuing sales opportunities.

At DIDO Agency, we offer a dynamic and collaborative work environment where creativity and innovation are encouraged. Join our team as a Sales Advocate and contribute to our agency's success by driving sales growth and delivering outstanding client experiences. Apply today to embark on an exciting career journey with us.

Next Steps

1 Application Form

30 minutes

Fill out the application on our site

2 Application Review

5 days

We’ll take a look at your submission and get in touch to schedule an interview if we feel like you’d fit in at DIDO Agency

3 Inrerview

30 minutes

Conduct an interview with one of our team members

4 Training course

1-2 days

You’ll go through a brief (and paid) training period to learn some email marketing basics. We’ll then ask you to take an exam to demonstrate those skills.

5 Offer

5 days

If all goes well, we’ll offer you the job and begin onboarding!