Spärkel is an industry leader in eco-forward efforts that offers the most innovative sparkling beverage technology for a healthy lifestyle & a healthy planet.

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Revenue Increase over 6 Months


Spärkel wanted to improve its marketing strategy and increase the percentage of sales while using a new design format and unique copy.


After years of development, Spärkel created the revolutionary system technology and Carbonator recipe needed to make the perfect drink for less waste and a healthier planet. To familiarize more potential customers with their main mission and the benefits of this development, the company needed to increase the number of mailings. Dido Agency has developed a campaign strategy to achieve this goal and increase sales.


Focusing on the main advantages of the company, developing special offers and discounts, we have increased the percentage of involved customers. The bright stylized designs helped grab the attention and interest of existing consumers. After sending 1-2 emails a week, revenue increased 29%. Our work for Spärkel earned a 434% ROI!

The Process

The five steps to your brand’s email marketing success:

Here’s our recipe for a personalized, effective email campaign that will
engage and convert your target audience like clockwork!

First, we analyze your brand, website, and positioning, then create a personalized email campaign structure designed for your company’s unique goals and target audience.

After we lay the groundwork, we create a copy to draw the consumer in and establish a relationship that will later lead to a sale.

After the strategy and copy are complete, our graphic designers transform this email into a mini-representation of your brand, complete with all your colors, fonts, and logos.

The last step is making the magic happen! Once we’ve completed the copy and design, we’ll bring the campaign to life in Klaviyo. We’ll create the flows, schedule each email, and map everything out to find its way to the inbox of the right consumer at the right time.

Monthly custom reports with important KPI. 

Advertising result

Only a few months we spent to move Spärkel account from 0 to 29% Revenue.

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12/01 – 12/31




*start Klaviyo marketing


05/01 – 05/31



Advertising result

Signup forms are the most popular tools for building a subscriber database. They let your website visitors become subscribers by entering basic details such as name and email address.

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