How to make sure no one opens your email

Although each brand’s subject lines are unique, there are some general no-nos when it comes to composing them. The subject line of your email will frequently influence whether it is read and given a chance, or if it is tossed into the digital trash can and labeled “junk mail.”


Isn’t it true that few businesses want their newsletters and email campaigns to end up in the trash? And, fortunately for you, we know of a few gutters to steer clear of on your way to email marketing success.


Here are 10 things you should avoid, or, in other words, ten reasons why your email will be ignored.



 1. Your Email Subject Lines Aren’t Unique Enough.


We all know that being inclusive is typically a good thing, but when it comes to subject lines, inclusiveness isn’t always the greatest option. People enjoy being treated as unique individuals. Try using words and phrases like invitation, limited time, deadline, or VIP to increase the number of people who read your email.



 2. Your Subject Line is Never Negative.


Yes, you read that correctly. Having a positive subject line all of the time may not be feasible. Did you aware that negative subject titles have a greater open rate than positive ones? Derek Halpern, a marketer, employed a negative subject line to raise his open rate by 35%. Use words like the worst, absolutely incorrect, and impossible to describe your situation. Have you noticed that this article’s title is a negative title? And here you are.



 3. You’re Always Too Loud.


Sometimes being loud can be a good thing. A bright graphic, a powerful song. When it comes to subject lines, though, being loud is not a good idea. You don’t want your audience to think they’re being yelled at or screamed at. It’s possible that doing so will frighten them away. And it’s possible that your email may go unopened and into the trash.



4. Your Subject Line Won’t Shut Up.


Short subject lines should be used whenever feasible. Mobile devices are responsible for 27% of email opens. In addition, some mobile email clients will cut down subject lines at twenty-five characters. It’s not ideal if a quarter of your audience can’t see the title. Simple errors like these might result in emails going unopened, unread, and potentially discarded.



 5. Your catchy headlines lead to mediocre content.


Now, I know that we are talking about subject lines here, but hear me out. Outstanding titles must be accompanied with great content, otherwise the open rate will decline over time. It’s a lot like reading a book. You may come across a book with the nicest title, but when you read it, the writing and plot are terrible? You’ll almost certainly find a new book.




 6. You Hate Bullet Points.


When it comes to learning new things, some individuals are lazy. It consumes a significant amount of their time and energy, which most individuals lack. Why read five pages of text when you could condense it into five bullet points? What is the title of this article? We are keeping it short. We don’t want to waste your time. Apply the same principle to your emails. Believe me when I say that your viewers will be thankful. And it’s possible that they’ll come back for more.



 7. Your Reader Doesn’t Trust You.


You want to build trust with your audience. If they like what they see, you will find that they keep coming back for more. Your audience will open your emails if they believe they will find valuable or useful information. If you don’t build trust and they don’t trust you, to the spam folder you’ll go. Keep your material themed and consistent so that the reader knows exactly what they’re receiving every time they open it.



 8. No Sense of Value.


Your subject line and content may be wonderful, but if your viewer doesn’t see a tangible benefit, they will lose interest. You must provide them with something genuine. To return, customers must get something from your emails, whether it’s quick information or a wonderful offer on something they truly want or need. There will be more unread emails if there is little value.



 9. The audience is incorrect.


Unopened emails are also a result of sending emails to the incorrect target. Make certain that the audience you’ve built over time is a good fit for your business.



 10. No “from” field.


Do the best to your ability to make these emails personal. If your emails are being sent from “the company,” “information” or “sales,” it will be too impersonal for your audience. Like I said, it’s sometimes the small details that bring the big picture together.


You want to improve your reputation. Build a unique relationship with your audience, make sure that your content is of value to them in some shape or form. Even adding in some bits of humor couldn’t hurt, right? You don’t want to be boring. Boring emails are rarely opened.


Avoid and correct all of these mistakes, and you should be on the right path towards success.