Modern Marketing Event: Empowering Ukrainian Entrepreneurs in Manhattan

Last weekend, I spent my afternoon in Manhattan, learning from and collaborating with other Ukrainian innovators, entrepreneurs, and business owners at Board NY’s Modern Marketing event. 

Board NY – a New York-based, internationally-reaching business community for Ukrainian entrepreneurs – hosted this event as a way for aspiring business owners to learn from and connect with already-established business owners.

I was incredibly excited to attend the Modern Marketing event, and not just as a participant; BoardNY graciously invited me to speak about email marketing. This was a very special opportunity for me both personally and professionally to give back to the Ukrainian business community (especially as a recent winner of the TOP-100 USA entrepreneurs with Ukrainian origins).

In my presentation, I spoke about the power of email marketing as a channel for business growth and increased revenue. I demonstrated the wide range of benefits that email marketing can offer, from strengthening customer relationships and improving loyalty through personalization to increasing conversion rates and boosting sales volume through segmentation.

I ended my presentation with examples of client successes from DIDO Agency, driving home the importance of letting data drive your email marketing strategy and process development. 

After my turn to share was finished, I enjoyed the rest of the event as an audience member, listening to the presentation from the other two speakers: Mykhailo Podolskyi, the co-founder and CEO of PissedConsumer and WiserBrand, and Maxim Umansky, the digital director at The Yovth Agency and independent web developer.


I am so grateful to Board NY for extending an invitation to Modern Marketing. Thank you for the opportunity to share my knowledge, connect with other amazing and talented Ukrainian entrepreneurs, and attend such an inspiring event.