3 Reasons Cross-Platform Segmentation Is Good Marketing Strategy

With an endless stream of channels and platforms vying for a potential buyer’s attention, it can seem impossible to know how to reach your target audience(s). However, the key to any successful marketing strategy is not only knowing your audience but understanding where different groups of people are spending their time. 

That’s where cross-platform segmentation comes to the rescue! Segmenting your audience across platforms helps you reach your audience in a more meaningful and targeted way… but not every marketing strategy uses this kind of segmentation.

So, if you’re still on the fence about cross-platform segmentation, here are DIDO Agency’s top 3 reasons to start. 

1. Cross-Platform Segmentation Helps You Meet People Where They Are 

Your audience members have different preferences and habits when it comes to channel use; some prefer social media, others prefer SMS, and others prefer email. Utilizing multiple platforms in your segmentation strategy allows you to reach your target audience(s) where they’re already most active. This way, you’re not asking your audience to switch platforms, habits, or preferences; you’re simply meeting your audience where they already are.

2. Cross-Platform Segmentation Encourages Better Personalization

When you’re meeting your audience on the platforms they prefer, you can also improve personalization based on what those platforms tell you. For example, imagine you’re marketing on TikTok to a user base that’s primarily Gen Z. This opens up two avenues for personalization: one based on demographics, and one based on platform preference. By adapting your content to align with different audience characteristics and different content formats across platforms, you can personalize your content — and better reach your audience — in endless ways.

3. Cross-Platform Segmentation Allows for Better Analytics 

If you know that your audience regularly occupies multiple platforms, this presents an incredible opportunity for tracking and measuring success and implementing analytics. Trying similar (or completely different!) marketing tactics across platforms is a great way to identify differences in content performance. This can help you figure out what does or doesn’t work on certain platforms, offering invaluable analytics and clear, actionable insights for future efforts. 

Find a Solution with BuyFive

If cross-platform segmentation is something your business wants to try, BuyFive is a great and simple way to get started. BuyFive maximizes retention revenue for you, relieving all of the stress that comes with figuring out your segmentation strategy yourself. By leveraging your existing audience data, BuyFive identifies promising campaign opportunities, and — once you give the “Go-ahead” —  launches the campaigns and analyzes key metrics for you. 

There is incredible value in properly segmenting your audience across the platforms they’re already using.

All you have to do is start!