Shopping is Shifting to Mobile: The 6 Benefits of eCommerce Shopping Apps

In an increasingly digital world, eCommerce retailers have become a staple for consumers across the globe. There are over 2.5 million eCommerce stores in the United States alone, offering powerful purchasing options for more than 260 million online shoppers… and those numbers show no signs of slowing down.

While eCommerce storefronts are still incredibly popular, recent stats show that 94% of U.S. consumers have shopping apps on their phones to complete their online orders.

So, with that 94% in mind…Is having a digital storefront enough? Or are shopping apps becoming the key to successful eCommerce businesses? We think the latter.

Here are 6 reasons shopping apps are the future of eCommerce.

1. Enhanced User Experience

Complimenting your storefront with a dedicated mobile app means offering a seamless, streamlined, and enhanced user experience. Klarna reports that most U.S. shoppers prefer shopping on mobile devices, meaning an app can help your storefront meet customers where they already are — on their phones.

2. Increased Engagement and Loyalty

An eCommerce app can increase customer engagement and feelings of loyalty toward your brand. In-app communication channels, targeted push notifications, and exclusive in-app discounts create a more personalized and interactive shopping experience that’ll encourage customers to return time and time again.

3. Improved Conversion Rates

Improved conversions can accompany an intentionally designed eCommerce app, too. A dedicated app limits distraction, allowing your customer to focus on shopping. By saving payment info and offering features like one-click ordering, you create an easy buying process… and an easy process means easier-to-make sales.

4. Better Brand Visibility

A mobile app also helps increase brand visibility and recognition. Not only is a mobile app memorable — especially when it’s well-made and user-friendly — but features like push notifications, app store suggestions, and app indexing can all contribute to increased visibility, especially across mobile app stores.

5. Access to Valuable Insights

Adding a mobile app to your business also provides invaluable insights into customer behavior. By evaluating your in-app metrics, you can gain information about user engagement, purchasing patterns, and more. These metrics can then be used to improve your business strategy and overall customer experience.

6. Competitive Edge

As an eCommerce business, having an app absolutely gives you a competitive edge over other similar retailers. A custom app for your business showcases your commitment to a seamless customer experience, a dedication to innovation, and a willingness to shift perspective to keep up with the times.

Your All-in-One Solution: Tapcart x DIDO Agency

After reading through the benefits of an eCommerce mobile app, you might be thinking that this sounds like a good idea… but if you’re not an app developer yourself, how do you get started?

That’s where our partners at Tapcart come in. Tapcart is the leader in mobile app creation, providing a completely no-code experience for Shopify stores of all kinds. Whether you’re a D2C fashion brand, or you sell food products, Tapcart can craft you a fully native iOS and Android app in a few short weeks.


Tapcart is best suited for businesses already leveraging the power of social media and email marketing, making this partnership with DIDO Agency a perfect one. While Tapcart creates your dream eCommerce app, DIDO Agency can launch a brand new email marketing and SMS strategy, resulting in highly optimized customer reach.

Wrap Up

From enhancing your customers’ User Experience to increasing brand visibility and gaining app-focused insights and metrics, an eCommerce app can provide immense benefits to both your customers and your business as a whole. With new and existing customers leaning heavily into mobile shopping, now is the perfect time to jump on developing your own eCommerce app.