Good Email Marketing is Personalized Email Marketing: Why eCommerce Brands Should Prioritize Personalization

Whether you’re a DTC, B2B, or B2C eCommerce brand, email marketing is a great way for you to connect with your audience. But with the rise of eCommerce and digital marketing, how can your emails stand out among the crowd?

It’s simple — you prioritize personalization!

You might think personalization just means adding your customer’s name to the email greeting. While that’s a good way to start, personalization goes far beyond a first-name basis.

You can better personalize emails based on:




Product Interest,

Past Purchases,

Loyalty, and more!

Personalized emails help create more intentional, meaningful connections with your customers through messaging that feels like it was made for them.

By tailoring your messaging to customers’ individual preferences and characteristics, everybody wins — your customers feel seen and heard, and you reap the following rewards.

1. Increased Engagement

If you’ve ever deleted an email that has seemingly nothing to do with your interests…then you already know the negative effect that non-targeted marketing has on consumers (and potential customers).

By tailoring your email marketing efforts to your audience, especially with hyper-specific segmentation strategies, your consumers are more likely to actually open your email. Higher open rates can lead to higher click-through rates, and higher click-through rates can lead to higher conversion rates. People prefer to engage with things they care about (and that care about them), and a personalized email can be that intriguing piece of content.

2. Improved Customer Experience

Thinking back on the email you deleted…how did you feel about it? Maybe you felt the brand didn’t even try, or that they simply don’t care enough about their audience — or you! — to do better. Either way, it was a bad customer experience caused by generalization.

Highly personalized emails make customers feel valued and appreciated by the brands that they interact with (and might want to buy from). Personalization shows that your brand actually cares about your customers enough to pay attention to their likes, wants, and needs. Creating this customer-first relationship builds trust and loyalty, leading to a better customer experience.

3. Increased Revenue & Repeat Sales

It goes without saying that you likely didn’t purchase from the email you deleted; not only was the product irrelevant, but it also felt like the brand didn’t care. Failing to make the sale because of something as preventable as poor personalization is bad for any brand’s reputation and bottom line.

Perfecting your brand’s personalization strategy — and ensuring that you’re not advertising swimsuits to people in the middle of winter, for example — is good for increasing revenue. Unsurprisingly, your audience is more inclined to purchase products that they actually like, want, or have a use for!

4. Greater Insight for Analytics

Once you start prioritizing personalization in your brand, it paves the way for more holistic and comprehensive analytics. You can see the results of better targeting with your own eyes by evaluating the data generated through your email campaigns.

By prioritizing new personalization tactics with novel segmentation strategies, targeted discounts, sales, dynamic content, or all of the above, you can see what does (and doesn’t) work for your audience. This gives you the hard data you need to create increasingly effective campaigns, and better engage with your customers through every single email.

Find a Solution with RetainIQ x DIDO Agency

In order to achieve the results you want from personalization, you first have to invest in the tools and strategies you need. With RetainIQ, it’s easier than ever to create a hyper-personalization strategy that’s locked and loaded for success.

RetainIQ empowers eCommerce brands to connect with their customers around the globe using hyper-personalized and uniquely tailored segments in both email and SMS marketing. By integrating personalization from loyalty information and social proof to weather and location, RetainIQ helps you make your customers feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

After figuring out a unique personalization strategy using RetainIQ, DIDO Agency can transform that strategy into action and results. Partnering with DIDO Agency x RetainIQ guarantees intentional and meaningful personalization, data-driven segmentation, top-tier copywriting, and eye-catching design, making better email and SMS marketing a breeze.



Personalization is a crucial aspect of eCommerce marketing, resulting in increased engagement, improved customer experience, increased revenue and sales, and more insightful analytics. Brands that invest in the right personalization tools, strategies, and expertise position themselves well to stand out in a crowded marketplace. So, if improving your brand’s personalization has shot to the top of your “To Do” list after reading this blog… congrats! Happier customers, stronger marketing, and a better bottom line are within reach.