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Project: Aloha Honey Farm

Subject Line: Pro tip: honey makes everything better

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There’s truly nothing better than tasting something insanely delicious and knowing it’s simultaneously great for you!  It’s as easy as swapping honey for your average joe sweetener. 🤷‍♀️😁

Here are four ways you can sneakily integrate incredible antioxidant goodness into your favorite treats:

  • Substitute ½ of a cup of honey for ⅓ of a cup of white sugar (the stronger the flavor, the less honey you need) 

  • For every cup of sugar replaced, reduce the liquid in the recipe by ¼ of a cup. 

  • Reduce the baking temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid excessive browning. 



Project: Den’s Hot Dogs

Subject Line: Everything you need to know about STEAK

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There’s objectively nothing better than the juicy, satisfying feeling of biting into a tender, perfectly cooked steak. We’re here to elevate your knowledge of the beef in your life and help you enjoy your favorite cut even more. Our Complete Guide to Steaks Article features feeding type (and the effect on meat, type of cuts, degrees of doneness, and ways to cook steak. 



Project: Matcha Outlet

Subject Line: Your new favorite summer refresher

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On the hottest days of summer, there’s truly nothing better than a sip of an icy and satisfying drink — especially when that drink is entirely all-natural and the most fun pink color (thanks to Dragon Fruit!).

Our Matcha Outlet Pink Drink is going to be your go-to summer cool-off beverage that can morph from post-workout hydration to post-work day cocktail. 

Go check out this irresistible Matcha Outlet staple that will have your body feeling refreshed and your taste buds in a trance of deliciousness. 😋

Visit our website now.

You’re gonna love it, 

Matcha Outlet Team



Project: Den’s Hot Dogs

Subject Line: Tips for how to host the perfect picnic

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1) Always plan ahead

Make sure you have enough napkins, cups, and silverware for everyone beforehand, so you don’t let the stress of not having something take away from your time.

2) Aim for convenient deliciousness

Our fine dining collection integrates gourmet five-star restaurant tastes from an acclaimed New York butchery with grab-and-go convenience. Just warm over an open fire if you’re camping or over a BBQ grill if you have access. You can also simply warm before you head out to the great outdoors! 

3) Pack for the location 

Will there be shade? Do you need to pack an umbrella? Bug spray? Don’t let forgetting about factors like this influence how much fun you have!

4) Think about comfort beforehand

Sometimes when you’re planning a picnic, it’s easy to forget items like pillows and fold-up chairs you’ll wish you had at the moment. What would make your picnic more comfortable? 

With these guidelines in mind, you’ll make summer 2021 the season of perfect picnics. Go to our website now to stock up on summer picnic staples. 

Here’s to the convenient, delicious picnics ahead! 

Team Den’s Hot Dogs

CTA: Shop for Picnic


Project: BeautifiedYou

Subject Line: How to step up your spring skin

Preview Text: Tips to start the season with☀️🌈🌊💐

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Spring is right around the bend!! Team BeautifiedYou is here to help you transition your skin from winter to spring. Just follow these simple and easy to implement tips and tricks for skin that’s ready for warmer weather and longer days 🌸⛅️☀️🌳

 1. Exfoliate your skin

Wintertime skin can be dry and dull because of the harsher temperatures and less time spent outside. The best way to remove dead skin to reveal a fresh layer? Using a gentle face exfoliator that’s packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. 

 2. Wear more SPF

Now that temperatures are warmer and you’ll likely be spending more time outside, you need to step up your skin protection game. Make sure to wear SPF 15 of higher moisturizer for better results 

 3. Moisturize your skin at night 

To launch your skin to a new level of dewiness and hydration, start using a nightly face cream that brings all the moisturizing goodness to the table as a face mask. We have a wide variety of skin-illuminating favorites that you’re going to absolutely adore. 

 4. Sweat it out 

Another great way to boost your skin’s health and prepare it for the warmer days ahead? Exercise! Exercising regularly is an incredible way to elevate your skin and your health. When your blood flow and circulation to your face increases, your pores open and flush toxins and dirt. 

Go to our website now to find all the new products you need for your skincare needs. 

Here’s to spring 💚🌸☀️