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10 Best Email Signature Design Examples

We live in an age where the largest thing could go unnoticed and the smallest one could make a lasting impact.

From marketing billboards to a tiny signature at the end of your email, you never know which one is going to yield results for you.

However, if you are to take it from experts who are dipped into marketing tactics, they’d say go for something simpler and smaller does it better than anything.

Not only because of the human nature of going with something simpler to understand and easier to look at but also because of the overall nature of the market.

Before we dive into the discussion, it is important to understand this from a professional perspective.

The thing with online marketing content of any kind is, the more simple it is, the easier it will be to sell.

Gone are the days when marketers would create intricate or complicated marketing tactics to convey a product or service.

However, considering since email marketing has been a part of online marketing for as long as it has been around, it has developed over the years vaguely.

That is why it is important to pinpoint the one thing that remains constant and perhaps make the most impact in an email intended for marketing: an email signature design.

Therefore, let us look at the best examples and tactics to help you make the most of it.

   • Adequate Information.

   • Social Media Plugins.

   • Use Your Picture.

   • Do Not Provide Too Much.

   • A Solid Call To Action.

   • Stand Out Graphically.

   • Use Relevant Colours.

   • Choose The Right Font.

   • Mention Your Job Description.

   • Make It Platform Friendly.


1. Professional Email Signature – Provide Appropriate Information

In the age of the internet, you do not need to try to over-convince a user or your target audience about you or your company.

Considering the transparency and plethora of information internet puts at the disposal of an average user, you only have to provide adequate information to your target audience.

For instance, a realtor email signature will not include their profile or how many properties they have sold. They only need to provide what their name is and their contact information.

Maybe include their LinkedIn profile and that is about it. Because that is the purpose of your email, to push your audience in the right direction.


2. Social Media Icons in Email Signature

Ask yourself this, where is it that most of the mobile phone users spend their time these days?

While some would say gaming, and that is true for a certain demographic, others would say social media.

Now, the reason behind many people using social media is not only to post pictures of their beloved pets, but some also use it for studies, businesses and mostly for marketing.

Now, put that into perspective when writing your email. If a customer is indeed interested in contacting you, how would they do it?

Like, some might email you back, but others would just love to push that Facebook plugin button that would guide them to your profile.


3. Email Signature with Photo

One of the last things you need to do when writing an email signature is to throw your audience off.

You need to connect with them and to do that, they need to be able to trust you.

How can you do that?

By presenting yourself visually.

You can speak your heart out in your content, but a headshot at the end of an email just hits differently.


4. Do Not Provide Too Much – Simple Email Signature

Now let us get contrary to what was said in the top example. While you do need to provide adequate information, you do not have to provide too much.

For instance, a guy named Jonathon who is a Sales Executive for a renowned company is easier to remember.

Compared to Jonathan who studied at a renowned industry and always had a dream about marketing and sales and then went on to work for blah, blah before arriving at his current position.

Chances are, we lost you somewhere in the middle of the previous sentence.

You do not need that to happen to your target audience. Follow the first example.

Keep it simple, play it safe.

First example of simple email signature:

Second example:


5. A Solid Call To Action

Now let us talk about the purpose of your marketing email. It is to intrigue your target audience enough that they do something about it. In other words, a call to action.

However, while with emails, certain CTAs might change.

However, a happy holidays email signature would remain the same because of its purpose.

Make sure you have this CTA so your audience is not shy about getting in touch with you.


6. Stand Out Visually

One of the best things you can do for yourself in these emails is to stand out visually.

While there is nothing wrong with a couple of simple lines of the text providing relevant information about your or your company, visually appeasing material would always point towards your devotion. You want your audience to know you are dedicated to your craft and this is one way to do it.

Therefore, a few things you can do is make a design that is not only relevant to your job description but also does justice to your overall brand’s theme.

Few email signature design examples:


7. Use Relevant Colours

We are on point seven and the buzzing question of what to include in the email signature is still going.

Another thing you can include to stand out is the usage of relevant colours.

If you work for a brand or own one, then you might have colour pallets that are relevant to your name.

Make sure you use them to stand out.


8. Choose The Right Font

Of all the email signature ideas, the one that stands out the most is clever usage of fonts. If you have a list of several types of fonts that you use for marketing, your brand or company, then now is the time to use them again.

A corporate design that is common among employees would go a long way in establishing a brand presence.

That is why you should choose a company signature font that could become synonymous with your name.


9. Mention Your Job Description

You want your audience your know to what you do. In some cases, you need them to do so.

If you want them to feel comfortable getting back to you, tell them exactly what it is that you do.

Modern email signatures include all the adequate information about people connecting with them.

Make sure you get it right and tell them exactly what you do. Give them a reason to ask questions.


10. Make It Platform Friendly

If you are going to design various types of signatures, then you need to make sure that it looks just as good on mobile as it does on a desktop computer.

At times, you might receive brand emails that you are just unable to decipher from your phone.

You do not need that to be the case with your email. Make sure you format it right so that it can adapt to the relevant platform accordingly.

There are easy ways to go about designing structures that work well with either platform.

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