Two Strategies Are Better Than One: Combining Direct Mail and Email Marketing

When considering how impressive the statistics about email marketing are — like its ROI of $36 for every $1 spent — it’s easy to overlook other marketing methods. However, the savviest marketers understand the power of a diverse marketing strategy.

One way you can diversify your strategy is by combining traditional and modern strategies for a multi-faceted approach, like implementing a direct mail strategy alongside an email marketing strategy.

By combining these seemingly “opposite” methods of marketing, you’re enabling your content to work double time toward results like increased reach and stronger brand recognition.

Increased Reach and Engagement

As mentioned above, one of the key benefits of a direct mail/email strategy is the ability to expand your brand’s reach. While email marketing is an efficient way to reach a fairly large audience, what about the people who don’t use email? A direct mail campaign not only remedies gaps in your audience, but it also reaches people who prefer physical mail and can target multiple audience segments at the same time (in multi-person homes).

Enhanced Personalization

Personalization is the cornerstone of effective marketing. By combining email marketing and direct mail, you can get extra creative, taking two different-yet-effective approaches to personalization. For example, your email strategy can approach personalization with data-informed audience segments, tailored messages, and unique offers , while your direct mail strategy can take a more “human” approach with handwritten notes and product samples.

Improved Brand Visibility and Recognition

Considering how much of our lives take place online, receiving physical, personalized mail can really stand out. An intentionally designed, thoughtfully crafted, and eye-catching direct mail piece can leave a lasting impression, positioning your brand as kind and memorable. Once your audience receives their direct mail, you can follow up with an email. This combines the tangible with the intangible, solidifying your company as one who cares about their customers.

On/Offline Integration and Analytics

Complementing email marketing with direct mail also offers a unique opportunity to integrate your customer experiences. For example, using a QR code in your direct mail allows your customer to seamlessly connect your brand’s online and offline experiences. Then, when users scan the QR code, you receive valuable information about engagement. Combined with email analytics, you now have two data streams to leverage for improvements and optimizations.

Your Solution with PostPilot x DIDO Agency

If you’re thinking about adding a direct mail strategy to your marketing repertoire, we’d recommend our friends at PostPilot. PostPilot makes it easy to send personalized and profitable direct mail campaigns, integrating with programs like Klaviyo and offering a real-time ROI dashboard. The experts at PostPilot use a proven process to segment your audience, design and send your direct mail, resulting in your brand seeing the conversions you need to see.

Combining PostPilot’s direct mail expertise with DIDO Agency’s email marketing expertise means all your bases are covered, every inch of your audience is reached, and your strategy is as diversified as they come…after all, two types of mail are better than one!


Wrap Up

While email marketing and direct mail are both powerful tools on their own, nothing beats the success you can see by combining strategies. By integrating these two marketing strategies in your own business, you can leverage the strengths of each channel while simultaneously filling in any gaps you may have. Direct mail + email marketing should be next on your to-try list, because a diversified strategy is a strong strategy.