Innovations in Customer Engagement: How Interactive Quizzes Can Benefit Your Brand

Customer outreach has always been a crucial aspect of successful eCommerce brands.

However, today’s customers have higher expectations. While 66% of customers expect brands to understand their needs and wants, only 34% of brands actually treat their customers like individuals instead of dollar signs.

So, how can you make sure your brand doesn’t fall in that 34%? By leveraging unique and memorable engagement strategies like interactive quizzes.

Here are 5 ways that interactive quizzes can help your brand’s engagement strategy stand out in a crowded and oversaturated eCommerce market.

Personalized Recommendations

One way quizzes can improve engagement is through personalized recommendations. Quizzes tailored to your specific products or services can help your brand offer customized recommendations from your product or service line. For example, a clothing brand might create a quiz to help customers determine style preferences, recommending specific brand pieces that align with the customer’s answers. This not only provides an interactive, hands-on experience for the customer, but it also increases the likelihood of conversion, too.

Interactive Learning

In addition to personalized recommendations, quizzes can also offer educational opportunities. By designing quizzes around product features, benefits, industry-related knowledge, or technical aspects of products or services, eCommerce brands can create an interactive and informative learning experience. A skincare brand offering a “What is my skin type?” quiz is one popular example of this kind of interactive learning. This kind of interactive content not only positions your brand as an expert in your niche but simultaneously builds customer trust, too. 

Gamification and Social Sharing

Gamification and social sharing are two massively effective strategies for customer engagement, and both concepts apply to interactive quizzes. By incorporating interactive quizzes with added elements like timed challenges or scoring systems, eCommerce brands can directly leverage our innate desire for competition and fun. Adding the ability to share quizzes and quiz results socially adds another layer of engagement, generating valuable UGC while boosting brand visibility and advocacy at the same time.

Lead Generation and Customer Segmentation

Interactive quizzes also offer lead generation opportunities for eCommerce brands. By adding an opt-in form or requiring an email address to access quiz results, brands can gather valuable customer leads while also growing their email list. This data can then help with customer segmentation, too. You can easily segment new customers based on their quiz results, delivering similar product offers, interest-focused content, and tailored promotions to leverage what you learned from their quiz results.

Feedback and Market Research

Finally, interactive quizzes can serve as a valuable source for feedback and market research. By including quiz questions about customer opinions, preferences, and even concerns, brands can gain insights into needs, wants, pain points, and emerging trends. You can also include an optional post-quiz survey so participants have the option of providing more pointed feedback.  This kind of customer information is invaluable not only for product development and marketing decisions but also for data-driven improvements to customer experience.

Your Solution with Jebbit x DIDO Agency

If quizzes are something your brand is interested in trying, we’d recommend reaching out to our friends at Jebbit.

Jebbit is the leading product quiz software, helping brands and companies boost their conversions, increase customer engagement, and capture first-party data. Quizzes built using Jebbit can be built and designed to reflect your brand, with absolutely no coding required.

Once your quiz is created, it can be launched just about anywhere. Adding your quiz to your website, your product’s packaging, or your email marketing campaigns with DIDO Agency gets you the data you need, and your audience the engagement they crave.


Wrap Up

Considering how saturated the eCommerce industry is, standing out from the crowd requires innovation, excitement, and fun. Interactive, on-brand quizzes are a powerful tool, allowing you to engage your customers in a novel way, gain access to invaluable customer data and feedback, and make sure your brand experience is one to remember.