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Email newsletter: what you need to know

Email marketing is a powerful intermediary between your company and your audience. Emails help build long-term relationships with your customers. Newsletter help not only increases sales but also strengthen the image of your brand.

Competent creation of an email helps to solve several problems at once:

to inform the subscriber about the appearance of new products, services, training programs, and publications on the website;

to advertise a product or service, talk about current promotions;

to help the user understand the product (for example, talk about the capabilities of the service);

to provide important information about the order and the timing of its delivery;

to establish feedback with the customer, for example, to collect feedback on the purchase.

Types of email newsletters

Trigger. These are automatic mailings sent in connection with some event (greetings when entering the database, delivery status change, etc.).

Selling. A message about a sale, promotion, or discount encourages customers to buy a product or order a service.

Content. The purpose of such an email is to provide customers with helpful information about important events occurring in the sender’s company and others. Such emails are needed to increase loyalty and brand recognition to build trust in the company.

Win-back emails. Messages are sent to restore or end communication with the subscriber.

Series of email newsletters. They are sent automatically or manually over a certain period and contain helpful information for the customer. As a rule, these are welcome, cover, and a series of emails after the sale.

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Email Structure

To prevent your email from being immediately labeled as spam, you need to clearly and correctly improve the structure of the email with the main elements of email marketing:

letter subject;

body of the letter;

images, graphics;


distribution time;

device optimization;



The email should be targeted at a specific user, conveying the main idea, topic, the brand tone of voice. A picture or photo should draw attention, and correspond to the subject. Be sure to include a call to action. This is the button that will stand out from the background of the body text.


Since there is high growth in mobile content consumption, e-mail message format must be taken into account. The user must be comfortable reading it and seeing all the elements. Therefore, the content needs to be optimized for different mobile models.


One of the main goals of email marketing is personalization. We recommend composing an email as if it was intended for close friends with information that will be interesting to them.


The business determines the appropriate time for sending, depending on the product type, goods, and services. Studies have shown that it’s better to send out mailings in the field of advertising and marketing in the middle of the working week – on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, from 9 to 11 am. If you plan to send two letters, then you should choose Tuesday and Thursday.


So, email marketing is a full-fledged channel for promoting and working with the customer. It allows you to establish communication, accompany and retain customers, provide quality service, and increase sales. In combination with other marketing tools, email newsletters effectively solve many important tasks and benefit both the company and its future and existing customers.

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