Why choose Klaviyo to create flow email content

Choosing the perfect email marketing software is one of the best ways to make sure you can connect with your target audience. While email may not be the newest form of marketing in the digital space, it is still one of the most successful.


Klaviyo is one of the leading email marketing tools available today. Offering everything from email automation to integration with leading instruments, Klaviyo ensures you can take your advertising efforts to the next level.


Klaviyo provides companies with a set of tools to create and send email chains to the right audience. These can be customers who have made a purchase and customers who have responded to past emails. Thanks to the ability to integrate with various business platforms (e-commerce, marketing tools, payment systems, and others), you can receive and organize data about campaigns and customers.


Klaviyo allows users to get analytics on a dashboard. They may include automatic segmentation of the audience, evaluation of the campaign effectiveness by indicators, key user’s requests for a product or service, their behavior, and more. Analytics will help the company find inaccuracies in marketing activities and increase its effectiveness.

Klaviyo’s Features

Popups and email subscription forms

Essentially, all e-commerce merchants must collect the email addresses and names of their customers and website visitors. This is important for keeping in touch with the audience, engaging subscribers, and creating a starting point for the sales funnel. It’s important to know that Klaviyo offers several types of forms that you can create and use. Whether you want a select popup, subscription form, or something else, you can create and publish it on your site with Klaviyo.

Segmentation of the mailing list by audience and behavior

Klaviyo’s email list segmentation capabilities are one of the best features this email marketing service offers. They provide several mailing list segments, to which you can assign your subscribers but there are many other segmentation options that you can use to narrow down your mailing lists. You can choose the types of email segments you create based on a variety of factors, such as:

actions of your subscribers on your website;

purchase histories of your subscribers;

location of your customers.


Done right, segmenting your email list can greatly increase the chance of successfully engaging your audience.

Ready email templates

There are many email templates to choose from that cover a range of e-commerce features such as emails, promotions, welcome emails, order confirmation emails, and more. Most Klaviyo templates have a theme, so there’s a good chance that at least one of them will complement your sphere.

Simple email template editor

Klaviyo also offers a drag-and-drop email template builder to create your email templates and it’s very easy to understand. You can format every design element, style, and color palette of your emails with it to accurately reflect your brand aesthetic. To be more specific, you will have access to the following drag-and-drop elements so you can create your perfect email template from scratch:

split columns;


links to your social media profiles;


Email marketing autoresponders

Klaviyo has an impressive collection of autoresponders they call “threads”. You can set up a flow based on the real-time behavior of your customers. A classic example is when one of your customers agrees to receive your emails: using one of Klaviyo’s streams, you can receive an automated welcome message sent to your new email subscriber. After that, you can send a series of automated emails with informative content that will help build a relationship with them.


The abandoned cart emails are especially popular with Klaviyo users. This is a super-easy way to get potential customers to come back to your online store and complete the purchase they almost made. When you set up this flow, Klaviyo automatically sends an email to the potential customers, reminding them of the products they have left in their online shopping cart. It is sent to encourage abandoned cart buyers to complete it in the hope that this will bring back the lost revenue for your store.

Advanced analytics and reporting

Klaviyo doesn’t only offer A/B testing but also offers ROI-based reporting to its users. This is great for getting a better idea of ​​how profitable your email marketing campaigns are. In addition to this, you can also link your Klaviyo account to Google Analytics to track important metrics.


Knowledge is power, so with the metrics Klaviyo email marketing service monitors, you can make the necessary adjustments to increase conversions.

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