Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends: Your Migration Off Bronto, Made Easy


Imagine you’re planning to move into a new home. 

Maybe you’re excited about the upcoming change. Or perhaps you’re dreading it because you love your current home and can’t imagine the possibilities another place might hold. Either way, moving can be a hassle—especially if you try to go it alone.  

As moving day approaches, you make a list of all the things you need to do to: Take an inventory of your stuff to see what you want to keep or donate, get boxes, pack everything up, switch your cable and internet, and update your mailing address with your bank, health insurance, etc.

But often, the most troublesome part of moving is the act of moving itself—relocating all your things from one place to another. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and reach out to friends or family for help. 

This doesn’t just apply to residential situations—moving from one technology platform to another can be just as stressful. 

If you’re currently using Bronto as your email marketing solution, the feeling of an impending move might be looming overhead. On March 3rd, Oracle Netsuite announced Bronto’s “end-of-life” status, which is a fancy way to say that they’ll be shutting down the platform on May 31, 2022.  

Since that date is more than a year away, it may feel like you have plenty of time to pack up your email marketing boxes. But the sooner you can plan for and complete your move, the sooner you can get settled in your new marketing software—engaging with your customers and driving revenue through your owned channels. 

Whether you’re moving homes or technology platforms, there’s a good chance you need help. Think of Klaviyo’s partners as your friend with a pickup truck who’s happy to lend a hand. 

Keep reading to discover how you kick-start your move and seamlessly transition into your new email marketing platform with the help of Klaviyo’s partners. 


What should you consider when migrating to a new email platform?

Migrating from one email marketing platform to another requires forethought and an allocation of time and resources to ensure a smooth transition. 

But it also presents an enormous opportunity to potentially upgrade your overall customer experience and unlock revenue channels you may have been missing out on, like engaging with your customers more personally through SMS, in addition to email.

Choosing a platform that can grow with your business over time is of the utmost importance. Whether you’re ready to migrate off of Bronto immediately or just starting your evaluation process, there’s a curated group of trusted Klaviyo partners that offer affordable Bronto migration packages which will do the heavy lifting for you. 

Not only can these partners can help guide you through the decision-making and migration process to ensure your brand delivers a comparable, if not elevated customer experience, but they can set you up for success and help you thrive in a post-Bronto world. 

As you prepare for your move, building a checklist of must-have features or tools for your next marketing platform is imperative. Whether you’re planning to migrate off Bronto on your own or using the help of one of Klaviyo’s partners, here are some things to consider as you make your plans.

  • Flows & template design: Have you launched powerful email automations or flows like back in stock, browse abandonment, or cart abandonment? Audit your email automations and templates to ensure you’re not missing opportunities to create more happy customers.

  • Segmentation & custom events: Assess your segmentation strategy to determine  if you’re taking advantage of the unique behaviors of your customers or custom events. For example, have you segmented first time web visitors from returning visitors who’ve placed an item in their cart or who’ve subscribed to your email or SMS list?

  • Multi-channel capabilities: Consider how you can weave your strategies across different channels together, like email, SMS, and social media to create a seamless customer experience.

  • Integrations: What other solutions are part of your ecommerce tech stack? Easily import and export as much data as you’d like across all of your solutions; you can enrich your content and personalize how you’re reaching out to your customers with over 160 native integrations found in Klaviyo.

  • Migration: Will your migration require technical development work? You can fill any resource gaps you may have internally with the help of Klaviyo’s partners. 

Once you’ve determined what kind of solution you need and identified the tools that are going to help you replicate and expand your email marketing strategy, it’s time to firm up the date of your planned move. 


When should you migrate?

Moving homes in the dead of winter is less than ideal, and probably something you’d try to avoid if possible. Moving off of Bronto is no different—there are better windows of time to move than others. 

For example, if you move too close to the holiday season you could risk impacting your Black Friday Cyber Monday email marketing plans. Leah Lloyd, group director of CRM and email for Klaviyo elite master partner Tinuiti, offers advice on when to approach your migration.

“Brands should have a sense of urgency in vetting out a new email marketing platform for migration. Because of the timing, Q4 2021 presents a huge hole and challenge in the middle of the timeline. Brands need to be aware that safely onboarding subscribers to a new email platform could take 4-6 weeks (dependent on list size) and that most development teams have a code-freeze heading into the holiday. Plan your migration timeline to take place between now and September 2021, or January to April 2022,” says Leah.

While I recommend you make the move sooner rather than later so you can achieve measurable growth in performance, faster, planning ahead is still vital to ensure you have the right resources in place to make your move off of Bronto go as smoothly as possible.


How to make the final move

Just like moving into a new living space, once you’ve made your wish list of necessary email marketing platform features and nailed down when you’re going to move off of Bronto, the final step is to move your data from one platform to the other. 

If you’re ready to bring in the outside muscle and skill of a professional mover to do the heavy lifting, Klaviyo’s partners are ready to help you.

I know migrating to a new software provider may be stressful, but you don’t have to make the move off of Bronto all on your own. 

You can choose from a wide variety of migration packages from Klaviyo’s partners so you can feel confident you’ll love your new home…I mean marketing automation platform and have peace of mind throughout the move.