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The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Email Marketing

The holiday season is one of the most profitable of the year, so if you don’t develop a holiday email strategy, you are missing out on big time and profits!

Now you need to think about what your email will be. It can be a simple holiday greeting, a sale announcement, or a tempting offer. It affects the content of your letter, its design, the best offer, the date of sending it, and even the number of emails you need to send on a given holiday.

Types of holiday emails:

1. Profitable offers – discounts and promotions.

2. Sales announcements.

3. Greeting cards.

1. Emails with great offers – discounts and promotions

A fixed discount percentage for the entire site assortment or a personal birthday discount? Once you have made the decision, move on to the question: how can you present it all?

It can be a direct email, such as a large, bright banner with your product image.

If you know your customers well, make a personal offer. It can be a personalized discount on your favorite products.

Important to note. Holidays can be a pretty time to start a reactivation campaign. Feel free to reach out to inactive contacts with generous offers.

Countdown timers are often appropriate in holiday emails to let customers know how soon the sale ends.

2. Design subtleties when creating emails

When it comes to holiday email marketing this is where imagination and fantasy come in. Such letters should create and spread a festive atmosphere.

Letter decoration. When you create emails with great deals or sales ads you can decorate any of their elements.

Decorate the buttons. At Christmas letters, they can be covered with snow. But on Halloween, the best cover is cobwebs and dust to make the buttons look original. In other words, make your emails as festive as you want—there are no limits. Just make sure that all design elements look harmonious and complement each other.

3. Create a greeting card

If you are reaching out to clients to wish them happy holidays, you can make an e-card.

It is important to note: that when creating a letter of congratulations, never make it a continuous postcard from one image. No matter how attractive it may be.

Although such an email looks like a postcard, it should contain several elements. Otherwise, there is a risk of not passing spam filters. In addition, if the image in the email is blocked and doesn’t appear in the inbox for some reason, then the recipients will not see anything general.

Headlines for your holiday emails

How can you help your holiday emails stand out from the crowd of other incoming recipients? Here we note only three basic rules.

1. Indicate the reason for contacting the subscriber.

Big Christmas Sale? Or a discount on all products on the site? Don’t forget to put it in the title. You can also specify the duration of the event.

2. Add emoji to your holiday headlines.

As we said above, the primary mission of holiday email marketing is to create and spread the holiday atmosphere. And emoji will help with this 😉

In addition, emojis in headlines increase open rates by 3.29%. Agree that emails with emojis are somehow more noticeable.

3. Inform customers about free shipping

74% of customers think free delivery is significant, especially during holidays.

So if you offer free delivery, don’t forget to mention it in the title.

Main elements of holiday emails

Strong and relevant topic

The storyline is super important. Why? 62% of customers open the email because of a personalized header, and 68% of email recipients report your email as spam just by reading the subject line. If you rate the email header as a low priority, you will spend a lot of time creating great content that no one will read because your subject line is lame, boring, and doesn’t grab attention. Focus on creating something spectacular, use your inner creativity and let loose – it’s the holiday season! Keep your subject short, use strong words: brief, personalize the data, and use emoticons!

Optimize for mobile phones

Did you realize that more people check their email using mobile devices than desktop computers? Make your email design mobile-friendly so you don’t miss out on this large audience. If your email is not optimized for mobile devices, your readers can delete it in as little as 3 seconds. You cannot afford to take action. Invest time to improve your email design now. Use templates that adapt to different screen sizes, keep your title large and bold, optimize images to load quickly, and make sure your Call To Action stands out and a copy is short. Last but not least, test it before delivery!


To increase the ROI of your holiday email campaign, use the most intense motivator of all – time! Fear of missing out is a great tool that highlights time as a motivator and can convince your undecided customer to make a purchase. The limited-time holiday offer encourages visitors to start now because no one likes to miss out on time.

What are some tips for writing congratulatory letters?

1. Make your subject line clear and loud. Yes, sometimes it can be hard to describe the whole essence of an email in a few words. Don’t be afraid to experiment with funny themes because your readers are people who want to have fun too.

2. Creatives are our everything. No matter how hard you try, most people will read your text diagonally, and that is it. It remains only to speak with the help of creatives in the letter.

3. Be sincere. Put yourself in the reader’s place and think about what you would like to read, learn, see and receive from the letter. Experiment, because the main task of such letters is to bring positive emotions to the reader.

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