stand out this spring

Stand Out This Spring With These Email Strategies And Inspirations

Got a spring in your step recently? New beginnings, fresh scents, and colors, and the first wafts and whiffs of warmth – spring is finally here! 

The telltale signs of Spring translate to the retail world, too. If you are an avid shopper or a fashion lover, then you know that spring brings brand-new retail offerings. With clearance sales galore, and announcement after announcement of the new season’s arrivals, we can’t help but feel the effects of a brand-new season!

Now, if you’re on the other side of that retail equation as a marketer, then you should know that there are certain segments that can reap a richer spring harvest. Historically, the fashion and apparel industries have registered thriving rebounds in numbers in April and May. You’ll also see a boost in the business of essentials – cleaning supplies, lawn, and outdoor fittings, household items, and more. 

No matter your industry, you have to know how to reach your customers and stand out among the riot of colorful, fresh starts, especially in springtime. But never fear! Email marketing is a surefire way to reach your base every single season. Let this blog post guide your strategy this spring for a season of new beginnings (and new sales!). 

7 Things Your Emails Should Include This Spring

Once spring arrives, you’ll want to let your subscribers know what’s new on offer. If you’re hoping to welcome a huge wave of sales from your email marketing endeavors, there are certain elements that every piece of communication should include. 

1. Personalize your email at every stage, in every way you can. From a personalized “To” line to interest-based product suggestions, personalization is key. 

2. Optimize your content and design at every stage, starting with engaging and enticing subject lines and ending with a strong CTA. 

3. Reflect the colors, patterns, and vibes of spring in your design. Keep things light, bright, and welcoming (or, find a way to play with your brand colors to stay on theme).

4. Know when to offer bargains and when to keep things informational. When you do offer bargains, drive it home with your Unique Selling Proposition. Essentially, you want to create an offer that your buyer can’t refuse!

5. Let your CTA sing loud, proud, and clear. Your readers should never be confused about what you’re asking them to do.

6. Don’t be afraid to experiment to stand out. Whether you’re including a funny GIF, trying out a new tactic with your subject lines, or taking a risk with color or pattern in your design, unique = memorable. 

7. Drive influencer and review-based marketing to provide your audience with “proof” from other satisfied customers. 

Although all of these tips and tricks are important in their own way (and applicable year-round), point number 7 holds special importance. Research shows that 93% of customers rely heavily on reviews to inform their decisions, which will be especially important with new spring offerings that people may not have tried before. 

Wrap Up 

We hope that this article gave you some food for thought this spring, alongside some inspiration to get those new-season cogs churning for your upcoming email marketing campaigns. Keep your content, colors, and CTA (or preferably all three) in tune with this first season of the year, and you’ll be ready for a great year ahead.